Have you ever been in a place in your life when everything you do just feels pointless? Training, eating healthy, work… everything just doesn’t feel like it has an end point. I was at this point a few months ago – motivation was at an all time low and I had no real reason for any of the things I’d been doing. Until I read a quote about finding your “WHY”.

It’s part of the human condition to need something to work towards – whether it’s a goal weight, passing your exams, saving for a wedding, getting an extra 5kg’s on your back squat – that make all the hard work bearable. Because you have a goal that you’re passionate about, you have the determination  to carry on when the motivation fails.

What is your WHY? It is a purpose or a belief that drives you. It helps you live your daily life with purpose instead of out of habit.

Your Why


Questions To Help You Find Your WHY

1. Figure out what in your life gives you PURPOSE

What gives your life meaning? What makes you feel like you’ve really achieved something in your day or what keeps you motivated? This could be a combination of what makes you feel alive and deciding how you want to measure your life.

2. Ask yourself where can you add VALUE

Where in your life do you feel you are having the most positive impact? Or where do you see yourself being able to add the most value, whether in your family life or career? Knowing where you can add the greatest value will help you stay focused and positive.

3. Write down a list of your STRENGTHS

What are you naturally good at? Using the sum of your knowledge, experience, talent and skill will all fit together to give you a list of your innate strengths. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make a weakness a strength, either! If there is something you want to be really good at and you have the passion, by all means work towards making it a strength.

4. Find out where these merge

Where can you combine what you love, what you know, what you’re good at and your experiences all into one?

E.g. if your PURPOSE is to experience as much as possible in life and bring people together, and you add VALUE by sharing your learned experiences with others and your STRENGTHS are social media, perhaps your WHY is to share those experiences and cultures with those who don’t get to travel or those who wish to learn about other cultures and increase tolerance.

For me, I see my WHY as a greater umbrella for my goals. Keeping my WHY in mind is what helps me to direct my thoughts, set my shorter term goals, and keep me on the right path and moving forwards.

My challenge to you is to sit for a few minutes and figure out what your WHY could be – is it to be the best role model to your children? Is it to experience as much of life as possible? Now, keep in mind that this can change as you grow as a person, and you don’t have to figure this all out right away!

What helps you to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments!


Ash Webb

Follow me on Instagram: @ashwebbfitness

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