How to Live a More Positive Life

“Complaining is a contagious disease”

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to see the negative in any situation, but when it comes to trying to be positive you have to work a little harder?

About a year ago I was in a mental state where I couldn’t see the bright side of most situations and I found it easier and easier to spiral to a point where nothing seemed good and bright – all it would take is one negative thought or a bad moment in my day and the rest of the day would be ruined.

It’s very tempting to complain and gossip, especially if you’re surrounded by negative people. Ever been in an office or social space where people complain and you find that slowly you begin to complain more? Why is it that we find it so easy to join the complain train?

I realised that this wasn’t healthy and more importantly – this wasn’t the person that I wanted to be! So I began to seek out self-help books and motivation and ways to start living a more positive life, and I became my own life coach. I would talk myself through situations that seemed so negative and tried to find the good in each situation even if it was something really small. This is something I still practice, and it doesn’t always go my way but it is definitely easier to pull my mind out of a dark space. I think this is something I will always need to practice, so being patient and kind to myself while I learn is important.

If you’re finding that you are feeling down and like nothing is going your way, here are a few ways that you can turn it around and start to look at life with a more positive eye:

  1. Gratitude

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – gratitude is exceptionally underrated. How can you ever be content if you’re never appreciative of what you have? Or when you’re always seeking something more without taking notice of how abundant you actually are?

So how do you even begin to practice gratitude? I started by ending my day with thinking of 3 things I am grateful for. This can be absolutely anything from something as small as having had a really good cup of tea when you were cold to being grateful that you have someone to share your life with.

  1. Find the positives

Next, I started finding positives in things I was seeing as negative. I had injured my back around this time and was in near-constant pain and couldn’t train or coach my classes and I didn’t know what to do about it. I had a “why even bother” attitude. So I dug deep to find the good. Now, I’m grateful for the injury because if an athlete or client ever has a similar injury, I can coach them through it. This also gave me an opportunity to work on my gymnastics – now I can take someone from no pull-ups to getting a handful of consecutive ones.

  1. Avoid complaining and gossip

Complaining is contagious and the more you are around people who do it, the more things you’ll find in your life to complain about. If you can’t avoid the people who complain, simply don’t participate in the conversation or even try and turn it around. Be protective over what you say, and take a second to think about whether there really is something to complain about or if you’re just doing it to be involved in the conversation.

These are the three techniques that I use and will continue to use to make sure that I remain grateful for how abundant I am – I try to not take anything for granted. It’s not always easy and some days still get the better of me but as with everything – it’s a process and it takes time to change your thought patterning. But it really does make a difference! So start today by thinking of three things that you’re grateful for before bed, and before you know it, life doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Peace and love


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