How to Create a Positive Space

Creating an environment that supports good energy and productivity takes some time and some effort. Our space can either inspire us or it can leave us feeling stressed and anxious.

This year I have been working hard to create a positive space for myself and my husband in our home. We’ve been living in limbo for about a year, always putting things off that need to be done (hanging pictures, donating old clothes and kitchen items) waiting for this move or that event to happen. I already feel the benefits of putting a conscious effort into creating my space – less stress and anxiety and a stronger feeling of “home” when you step through the door. I want my space to represent me as I am now, and to be a peaceful and happy place.

Here are some of my tips on how to start creating a more positive space:

Remove Clutter

“Clutter is the manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination”.

Remove (or donate) any items that you don’t need, that take up space or that have any negative emotions attached to them. Your house should be a space that you feel at home in, not just a container to keep all your things.

Clutter does not just mean having a lot of unnecessary items in your space though. Do you have any items in your house that you don’t actually like, but you keep them anyway because you feel guilty about getting rid of it? Clothes a loved one has gifted you that don’t fit or aren’t your style? Even though it’s hard to remove these items (trust me I know, I am a super horder and it takes a few tries before something eventually goes – I have attachment issues to things that were gifted to me) but it’s necessary. It’s not healthy to have items that cause negative feelings each time you look at them. Gather them together and either pass them to friends where they will be loved or donate them where they will be needed.

“Clutter is just stagnant energy,” Tisha Morris (author of Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life) says. “Where there’s clutter in your home, there will be clutter in [you] — either physically, mentally or emotionally.”

Work on Unfinished Projects

We already have a list of things we feel we need to get done in a day, and walking past that cabinet that needs to be repainted or that cupboard that needs to get organised just adds to that list, and the longer it stays on the list the worse we feel about it. Take an hour or half a morning on a Saturday and complete those items – you’ll feel better and more productive for it! It’s understandable if a project is going to take a long time, but if it sits untouched for a while either take some time to complete it or hand the task to someone else.

Completing unfinished work will remove mental clutter and clear space for new creativity and energy and won’t leave you feeling frustrated or flustered everytime you look at an unfinished project.

Tips to finish those projects:

  1. Prioritize. Is there one that needs to be completed before another? Put them all in a list and give them a priority.
  2. Finish the quickest ones first. This will get things done fast and help get the ball rolling and help you feel productive.
  3. Bring a friend. Why not make a day of it and bring a handy friend around to help? Wine is not discouraged.

Add Plants

Plants de-stress and detoxify your home. We spend a lot of time in-doors, so it’s great for us mentally to bring some of that inside. I personally have at least one plant in each room.

Image result for aloe watercolourAloes for example are very easy to look after and they purify the air in your home (plus: they have great medicinal benefits!)

Snake Plants give off oxygen at night so they’re great for bedrooms. BUT they’re toxic when eaten so don’t chow down on this dude, please.

If you aren’t blessed with green fingers, I have some simple tips for you to keep those plants luscious and green.

Find plants that are low maintenance

Certain plants need very little maintenance and you can pretty much tell them how pretty they are and water them once a week or even once every 10 days. Keep in mind, though, that different plants like different spaces – some need more light than others, some need airflow and others you can just plonk where ever and they’ll get on with it.

Water Smart

Fill a bucket with water, placing the pots in the water to soak it up rather than pouring water on them (the water should come up to at least half way on the pot and the pot must have holes!) You can leave them in there for 20 minutes up to however long you need. This is great if you’re going away for a long time and don’t have anyone to plant-sit. They’ll just take what they need and leave the rest. (Unless the plant hates having wet feet! Some plants get root rot and prefer to be dry). You can then chuck the remaining water in the garden plants outside. Half the water, twice the use!

Read the Label

Does this plant like sunlight? Will its leaves burn in direct light or will it be happier in a room without direct light? I leave a plant in a space for a week and if it’s not happy it gets a new plekkie.

Fun fact: Delicious monsters are my favourite plant

Get an Oil Burner

Essential oils have a plethora of benefits, and you can get a different oil for different needs. For example, Juniper Berry essential oil is great if you diffuse it with citrus oils to freshen and purify the air and to lessen stress. It is also recommended for nervous and intellectual fatigue. Lavender oil is lovely to burn at night and helps with restful sleep.

Also, it’s cool when your house smells good.

I hope you take some time this week to consider your space (home or work) and how much it serves you. It’s a great exercise to de-clutter your home and, in turn, your emotional and mental state.

Yours in health



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